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How to Create Engaging, Creative, and Consistent Content

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Image is a black woman on her laptop creating engaging, creative and consistent content.

Creating engaging, consistent, and creative content makes or breaks you and your brand in the new digital age. It’s no longer enough to get the content out without a strategy. To be successful and stay in the game, you need a plan, and this blog will help you create a framework you can follow when you create for your business. In this blog we will dive into how you can create engaging, consistent and creative content while also tackling the know, like and trust method.

Your content needs three key components to thrive, strive and survive. First, it needs to be creative. Then it has been engaging, and finally, it should help build a relationship with your target audience.

Creativity is not just limited to the visible portion of your content. You can get creative with the language, style, platforms, and more! Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box but remember, in being creative, you still want your content to be relevant to what you are promoting or selling.

Good content is always engaging because it can hold the audience’s attention. After a reader consumes the content, you want your post to have a reward, whether information gained, problem solved, etc. Therefore, your content should be so engaging that people feel the NEED to continue interacting. You do that by staying consistent and asking your audience relevant questions.

Building a relationship is one of the critical steps that most people miss in creating a successful brand. Relationships with your target audience are necessary to keep yourself relevant. Every business has an initial target audience; you should be working daily to reach that audience and find other ways to get others outside of that target.

The Know, Like, and Trust Method

Black woman with her notebook thinking about how she is going to create engaging, creative and consistent content.

Now let’s talk about what methods can be used to create engaging, creative, and consistent content. I currently use the know, like, and trust method. This is a method you can apply to any industry, brand, or business. First, grab a piece of paper and pen or your laptop and make three sections.


The first section is the know. In order to create an interactive audience online, they have to know who you are. In this section, you want to create content about your business and brand to help the audience really get to know who you are, what you do, and what business purpose you serve.

You should:

  1. Get clients to know who you are

  2. Tell your origin story

  3. Tell everyone what makes you unique.

The goal is to start from scratch. You know who you are but does the world? Take that approach when you answer these questions being as detailed as possible.


The next step is the “Like”. This section is where you dive more into your business and brand and talk about what makes it so likable and relatable. Your business is not the only one in the industry. In this section create content that will allow you to set yourself apart from other businesses. Allow your business style and brand voice shine in this section. Answer the following questions below:

  1. What separates your business?

  2. How are you unique?

  3. What are ways target audiences can relate to the brand?

  4. What do you do that no one else does?


Last but not least good content needs to build trust. Your target audience needs to know that they can come to you for a solution and answers. To create that trust, you need to:

  1. Position yourself as an expert: Let your audience know that you have done the research and have put in the time and effort to perfect your craft.

  2. Answer FAQs: Common questions will show up no matter how descriptive you are about your product and service. By answering commonly asked questions, you put yourself ahead of the game and show your audience that you are paying attention and listening!

  3. Share value for educational purposes: Every post shouldn’t be just trying to get people to buy what you offer. Sometimes it’s good to share your knowledge, which shows everyone that you really know what you are talking about and that you are willing to help out anyone if they ever need it.

  4. Provide testimonials and reviews: Testimonials and reviews are the only way people can know if your service or product works well. Do your part in creating and maintaining relationships so that people can leave reviews and or testimonials for you! It will make you that much more trustworthy. Check out my article on why reviews and testimonials are so important!

In conclusion it’s really important to create content that is engaging, consistent, and creative for your target audience. In order to do that you can use the know, like and trust method. Share and pin this post with others that will find it helpful! Ruth Sherrill Marketing Services is a marketing agency that specializes in helping business owners create profit and nurture an audience through shareable and informative content. Keep up with us on our socials by following us on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok!

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