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Meet the Team

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Takora McIntyre

Social Media Manager + Blog Writer

Takora helps manage the RSMS blog, and works with RSMS client accounts to strategize, create and engage and optimize our client’s on social media channels


Gerda Gatling

Web Designer

Gerda runs point on client web designs and revamps. She works directly with our clients to establish a plan to effectively bring their brand to life through a professional business website


Leah St. Claire

Social Media Manager

Leah has a passion for content creation, social media, and all things creative. When I'm not doing social media, you can find her cooking or reading!


Dorothy M.

Executive Assistant

Dorothy is a digital content manager, social media manager, and Virtual Assistant. She helps organizations and individuals to build relationships with their audiences by strategically managing and creating digital content. 


Ruth Sherrill

Founder & CEO

Ruth is a digital marketer and brand strategist. She uses her expertise and network to help BIPOC womxn entrepreneurs and influencers find the enjoyment of marketing their brand through proven techniques and strategies. She has created a team of certified and experience black womxn in order to create a safe, open and creative workspace.

Now That You've Met The Dream Team

Let's Get Started Creating Your Business Dreams Together

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