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Enhance your presence online, master your message and create a brand that engages and monetizes. Anyone can DIY their business. If you are looking to elevate your business with proven marketing and brand strategies you are in the right place.

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Social Media Packages + Pricing (per month)

Basic Packaging $2,000

  • Posted to 2 social platforms

  • 4 posts x 4 weeks = 16 posts per month

  • 14 stories a week 

  • 3 hours of community engagement per week

  • 1 hour of meeting time per month

Standard Package $2,700

  • Posted to 3 social platforms

  • 4 posts x 4 weeks = 20 posts per month

  • 21 stories a week

  • 8 hours of community engagement per week

  • 1 hour of meeting time per month

Premium Package $3,400

  • Posted to 5 social platforms

  • 5 posts x 4 weeks = 20 posts per month

  • 30 stories a week

  • 12 hours of community engagement per week

  • 1 hour of meeting time per month

Please note that custom packages can be created to meet your specific needs and goals with a minimum of $1,000/month.  


All packages include a brand portfolio, content strategy, video editing, content curation, expert copywriting, graphic designs specifically made for your brand, ongoing community engagement, monthly analytics, and a content calendar.


Content creation (photography + video) ad management, and influencer campaign management can be added to any package. 

Purple Podiums

A La Carte Brand Services

Brand Portfolio $1250

A brand portfolio helps emphasize your brand's tone, voice and message. This Portfolio will narrow your audience with a target market analysis. Highlight your value proposition and USP with our competitive research and give you a better understanding of your business through mock profiles and content ideas. A Brand Portfolio Includes:

  • Marketing Goals

  • Custom Logo & Color Palette

  • Mood Board

  • Mock IG Profile

  • Market Positioning

  • Target Market Analysis

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Social Media Analysis

  • Content Pillars and Ideas

  • Consumer Personas

Content Creation: Logo design, graphic design, brand identity creation, copywriting, social media templates and more. Pricing is based on the project. 


Website Design: Based on your Business needs we will create your portfolio, website, e-commerce, or Shopify site designed with your specific goals and functionality needs in mind. 

Purple Podiums

 Speaking + Events

Ruth is available as a keynote speaker or workshop host for the following topics (or similar):

Content to Profit: learn how to establish a bold and authoritative presence online through powerful content and how to generate profit from it. 

Become an Influential Voice: Learn to overcome your mindset, master your message, and increase your impact and presence online.   

Master Your Brand Story: Learn the art of storytelling to build a trustworthy connection and relationship with your audience.

Succeed with a Multi-Hyphenate Lifestyle: Learn how to create space for the different layers of your passions in your life. Learn holistic systems for organization and time management, overcome fear, understand the difference between your most authentic calling and imposter syndrome.

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