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How to Position Your Brand as a Solution - With Real-World Examples

One thing you need to know as a service provider is that building influence and creating income, irrespective of the industry you operate in, invariably starts with

portraying your enterprise or brand as a solution to your audience's problem, online and offline.

It is a well-known fact that when a business positions itself as a solution, the perception of that business in the eyes of the customers/audience begins to change. The way customers see and accept the brand is different -  as a result, the business starts to gaining more customer loyalty.

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However, the positioning your brand without the right help, knowledge, or information can be challenging. This is because successfully positioning your brand as a solution requires keen awareness of the market dynamics, customers behavior (needs, wants, and pain-points), and the competitive landscape. Overall, strategic planning has to be put in place to effectively and rightly position your brand as a solution. 

This article highlights the importance of positioning your brand as a solution, explores the best ways to do this, and provides real-world examples of companies who have used it to gain a wide recognition in today's business landscape.

The Importance of Positioning Your Brand as a Solution.

As a service-based business owner, understanding how to position your brand as a solution gives way to the establishment of your business in the marketplace as an industry leader (better yet, a solution provider), thereby attracting customers.

Here are some of the importance of understanding how to position your brands as a solution:

1. Build Customer Loyalty

Customers are always on the lookout for businesses or brands that can offer solutions to their problems, and when they get that one, they stick to it. 

Therefore, positioning your brand as a solution is one of the strongest blueprint to build customer loyalty. When customers are able to see what you have to offer and the solution you provide them, they become loyal customers to you and your brand. Basically, it's like you having your own loyal fan base. 

A real life example of this Dove, a beauty and wellness company. Dove sets itself apart in the personal care industry with a focus on enhancing women's inherent and genuine beauty. The brand furthers its unique approach by promoting self-acceptance among all women through its products.

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2. Ensures the Recognition of Your Brand

When you position your brand as a solution, it becomes highly recognizable, even from it's logo. This is because you offer something to your customers that other brands of the same niche don't. As a result, this leaves a lasting impression in the minds of both potential and existing customers. 

Using Coca-Cola’s positioning as an example: Coca-Cola is one of the most well-known beverage provider in the world. However, it is safe to say that they are more than that. One thing that makes them stand out is how they positioned their brand to the public - as a source of happiness and moments of joy. This is something you see in all their adverts and what they represent. 

It is no wonder that when people are ordering Pizza, they order Coca-Cola alongside. This is because, just as much as Pizza is a happy meal, so also is Coca-Cola a happy and joyous drink.

Today, wherever the name Cola-Cola is heard or seen, people knows what it means and are extremely happy to get the drink.

This is the effect of positioning your brand as a solution. Anywhere your business name is heard or seen, your customers or target audience will be able to know what it stands for and symbolize


3. Increases Brand Awareness

Every business aims to increase their brand awareness. Today, there are so many strategies available to help the increment of a brand's visibility and among the top five is, "Positioning Your Brand as a Solution." It is a highly important factor that cannot be overlooked.

Why? When you position your brand as a solution, customers will be able to know more about who you are. In many cases, they will tell their friends and family about what your business offers, who then tell others, who keeps the cycle going, expanding the rate at which people become aware of your brand.

A real-world example of this are Amazon and Jumia. These are two of the biggest online marketplaces in the world today. By positioning themselves as the ultimate solutions for online shopping and convenience, Amazon and Jumia has become global household names.

4. Breaks Through Every Noise Clutter

One thing you need to know is that you are not the only person engaging in that type of business, so the noise around that type of business is really loud. But the question now is, "How can you make your voice louder so you can be heard among the clutter of noise?" This is where positioning your brand as a solution becomes really important.

When people see your brand as a solution-maker, then will you have the power to break through the clutter of noise. Customers are more likely to notice and remember a brand that addresses their specific needs.

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5. Justifies Pricing Strategies

Positioning your brand as a solution helps in the justification on your pricing strategy. No matter how much your product is, your customers will not complain or raise an eyebrow because they see the value you provide and the solution you offer, and therefore, will be willing to invest in it.

6. Sets Your Brand Apart from the Competition

To stand apart from the competition is one of the main importance of positioning your brand as a solution. By highlighting your brand’s values, selling features, and benefits, and illustrating how your brand offers a unique and effective service capable of providing solutions to the public, you are setting yourself apart from others in the market.

This branding style plays a big role in retaining loyal customers and attracting new ones. A real-world example of this is Ruth Sherrill Marketing Service. This is one of the best marketing agencies that positioned their brand as a solution for other brands by offering to create intriguing and creative content

7. Creates a Market Differentiation

Positioning your brand as a solution allows your to differentiate your brand, service, and market style from the rest. Although there are thousands of people offering the same service as you, there is one thing that can make your market different. As a result, to make sure that thing sets you and your market apart, it is important you position your brand as a solution.

8. Improves Your Brand Messaging

To improve your brand message, positioning your brand as a solution is extremely important. One thing you need to note is that as a service-provider, the way you put out the service you offer can make or mar your brand. This is why it is important to convey your brand as a solution.

This strategy sends a clear message (verbal and nonverbal) to your customers on how your brand can address their needs. This sparks their interests, builds a connection, and compels them to purchase or patronize the service you offer.

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9. Customer relevance

Positioning your brand as a solution leads to your brand being relevant to customers. This way, they see the solution your service offers as relevant to their lives. 

Here's an example - Spotify. Spotify is a platform for people to stream music of all genres. They positioned themselves as a solution for people to listen to any genre of their choice, create a personalized playlist or streaming option, and many more. 

The bottom line is, when your brand becomes relevant to your customers, you will be able to win their heart and engage them with less effort. This why positioning your brand as a solution is extremely essential.

10. Establishing trustworthiness and credibility

Customers buy products and services from brands they trust. This is why positioning your brand as a solution is important.

When you position your brand as a solution in the industry or around your niche, you are building the trust of your customers. With your service being one that offers solution, your customers will be able to look at it with eyes of credibility, making it preferable within your industry or niche.

Best Ways to Position Your Brand as a Solution 

Here is a list of effective strategies to help you position your brand as a solution in the marketplace:

  1. Identify your target audience

  2. Identify and research competitors 

  3. Understand your audience

  4. Create a Unique value proposition

  5. Create a compelling message

  6. Tell a brand story

  7. Post high-quality content

  8. Form emotional bonds with potential clients or buyers

These are the most important tips you need to need when you want to position your brand as a solution. It is important to note that each strategy is incomplete without the other. They all go hand in hand. When one is lacking, it affects the rest of the strategies.

Final thought

Positioning your brand as a solution is crucial in today's competitive market. As a result, you will need all the help you can get. Doing it yourself is great, but enlisting the help of a professional is highly effective.

Visit us today at Ruth Sherrill Marketing Services to discover how we can lend our expertise to position your brand as a solution. Having distinguished ourselves among leading marketing agencies, we aid brands akin to yours in standing out among their competitors.

Keep up with us by following us on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok, or you can contact us for more information.

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