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The Content Formula You Need to Follow to Increase Your Watch Time

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A content formula is one of the strategies you need to boost engagement and increase your watch time. It provides a tactical and sequential outline of how to develop video content and sustain audience attention and engagement, thereby elevating watch time and retention rates. The formula can also transform the viewer’s experience by familiarizing them with the structure of your content.

Aside from knowing how to create  irresistible content, a content formula could help you define your purpose, message, and value since clarity is vital to captivating and keeping the audience. When your video is clear in all senses of the word, your brand becomes recognized, making your content more appealing and memorable. 

Every piece of content is different, but the content formula needed to increase your watch time is the same. This is if you want to position yourself as an expert online, knowing and understanding what the content formula is all about and effectively incorporating it is essential.

Have an OMG Factor to Start Your Video?

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How your video begins is highly essential to gaining the attention of your viewers. Follow these steps to get your viewers engaged with your video and increase your watch time:

a. Show The End Result

Presenting the end result of your video to your audience is the best way to attract their attention, stir their interest, and develop their curiosity. This strategy helps you set the tone for your video and tell them what it will cover. The viewers will likely watch the entire video IF this is the content they want to consume. It will also help you find your target audience online because folks not interested will keep scrolling. 

Example: “By the end of this video you will know how to design an insatiable portfolio that draws in your ideal client."

b. Start with A Controversial Statement, 

A controversial statement is a powerful hook that draws your viewers’ undivided attention and draws them directly into your video. It can serve as an excellent hook that can pique the viewer’s interest and make them spend their time watching your video. The statement should somehow be connected with the overall topic of your video, and it should appeal to your target audience. Do not use click-bait strategies that fail to convey the words of your subject, for it won’t help you establish such a credibility factor

Example: Instead of “Business mistakes to avoid” try: “Story time: I fired my client. Here is why.”

c. Tell People What They Will Get in This Video

Telling your viewers what they will get in your video is another great strategy that will hook your viewers’ attention throughout the video until the end. You can use it effectively to highlight the key features of the climax of your video and all the advantages that your viewers will get there.By showcasing the advantages of your video, you offer the audience a clear direction and make it easier for them to understand what they should expect in the video. This helps you manage their expectations and quickly address their needs and interests.

Example: “In this video I will teach you 5 ways to increase consumers in your sales pipeline through digital marketing strategies.”

d. Repurpose Your Content: 

Repurposing your most popular content into different content pieces is a strategic way to increase engagement and audience trust. This versatile approach helps create close connections and improve viewers’ comprehension. It gives viewers deeper insight into your content, if not more clarity, of what you are presenting.

Example: Use the long form content from your blog post and repurpose into video content. You can also incorporate educational infographics or images into to make it more appealing for the platform you’re creating for. 

Keep your video brief. The shorter videos can be shared and potentially reach more people. For example you can cut your day in the life video into a single b-roll clip and keep your core message and information on screen with text.

Be SO For Real About Your 'Why'

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Being real with your ‘why’ is vital to increase your watch time. Why are you creating the video? Why do you want it to reach more people? Why is it vital for you to use this particular strategy to create your videos and increase your watch time? Asking yourself this questions is the key to unlocking the content formula you need to uniquely increase your watch time. 

Example: How can you take a basic google search topic in your industry and make it personable to your brand and your audience? 

When you are being honest with what you do, it will make you stand out from the crowd. Being honest and transparent with your content sets it apart from promotional content and makes it relatable and impactful. Since honesty and transparency are the solid rock of authentic and relatable content. Also, honesty humanizes your content. It’s like the recipe for emotional and inspirational content.

a. Create a Realistic Schedule

Creating a realistic schedule for your content creation can help you maintain consistency with your tone and message. It will also allow you to set goals for your business, enhance your productivity and manage your workload effectively. Thus, start allocating dedicated time slots to every content creation stage, such as research, drafting, editing, and publishing. Create a sustainable framework for your content creation to reduce burnout and enhance productivity. 

b. Use Content Generator

Consider using our Content Generator with over 50 content ideas in the most powerful conversion categories. In order to create content that generates leads, converts to actual sales, and drives engagement, you need to provide your followers with the VALUE they are looking for. Valuable posts fit under 5 Power Prompts: educational, entertaining, engaging, and empowering and elevating. Under these categories, there are subcategories and prompts which will help you provide your followers and target consumers with value.

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Conclusion on Content Formula

The primary purpose of having a content formula is to create a strategic and structural approach to creating your content and eventually increase your watch time. However, the content formula is useless without consistency because consistency will contribute to higher watch time and engagement.

This article provides the content formula you should follow to enhance your watch time. As a result, apply consistency to your content formula to increase engagement. However, if you do not have the time to create your content, Ruth Sherrill Marketing Service is here. This service is a group of professional experts that help service providers like you create engaging and interesting content that will boost your video engagement. You can follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok, or you can contact us for more information.

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