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How to Create Irresistible Content in 3 Easy Steps with Free Tools & Websites

Updated: Jul 2

For all my small business owners, it’s time to take your business a step further and create irresistible content. Whether you own a food truck, fashion blog, or holistic healing business, content creation is one thing you need to do to stay relevant.

Content is queen right now, y’all. It is being created consistently and at a high volume, so you don’t only want to just create. You want to create content that stands out. One way to do that is to create something people NEED to see. Interested in learning how to create irresistible content? Look no further! Read this blog to learn the three-step formula and access free systems and websites to help you along the way.

Creating irresistible content is a process that should glide smoothly when done right. It’s not necessarily hard, but it does require work. Here’s how to create irresistible content in 3 steps:

1. Research, Research & Research

The first step to creating irresistible content is researching what your audience is looking for. Instead of just creating random content, take the time to study your audience. This is called market research. It involves gathering information about your industry and market environment to better understand what your followers are looking for, what they are consuming already, and what they are NOT consuming. You can research current trends they are following, things they tend to share and save, and things they dislike. If you understand your followers' pain points, this would also be useful in this step.

When trying to find ideas for content, researching goes a long way. It assures that you are utilizing your time and energy by only creating what you KNOW your target audience will want to see.

AnswerThePublic is a keyword tool that visualizes search questions and comes up with suggested autocomplete searches. It listens to autocomplete data from Google and other search engines, then delivers every useful question or phrase people ask using the specific keyword.

In your free time, check out other similar businesses and see what kind of content they are posting (or not posting). This is a great way to get an idea of what kind of content performs well and what doesn’t, but remember, always be authentic and original when creating your content. Don’t copy and paste, be inspired and then create.

Creating irresistible content

2. Create Copy

After you research, it’s time to move on to creating the copy. For some, this may come naturally. If not, no worries because this free tool can assist you! is a AI-powered content writing tool that leverages AI to write content and copy. It comes with 90+ templates and can be used for blog posts, eCommerce copy, sales copy, social media content, digital ad copy, website copy and more! is perfect because not only is it free but it also does most of the work for you!

Everything from the words you choose to the length of your sentences matters when creating content. You want to have copy that not only catches your audience’s attention but one that also keeps them engaged and wanting more.

Full transparency: There is a free and paid version. Either way, when you sign up you get 40 free credits. One credit equals one creation. For example if you need to create 10 different product descriptions that would 10 credits. When you sign up for your first month try to batch create your content and use as many credit as you can!

Creating irresistible content

3. Visuals

Now that we have done our research with AnswerThePublic, and created eye-catching copy with it’s time to move on to the final step and part of the journey. Having written content is no longer enough; we now need to start creating visuals. You don’t need to have a degree in graphic design or even be artistic to create graphics for your brand.

Canva is a graphic design platform for creating social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. It allows you to create customized and unique content to your brand and is the perfect platform for all levels of content creation.

Other Dope Canva Features:

  1. Free platforms with option for paid memberships and access premium features

  2. User friendly. Easy to use. Drag and Drop Method

  3. Can be used for your own business. 100% customizable

  4. Ability to create digital resources, tools, and template

  5. Completely streamline all visuals for your business from social media, to pitch decks, to video cover photos.

Creating irresistible content

Now, Go Create Irresistible Content!

Once you follow this last step, your journey to creating irresistible content is complete! Be sure to stay consistent with the steps to see positive results, and remember the best content is engaging, creative, and consistent.

Along with the ideas from AnswerThePublic, striking content from, and visually appealing graphics from Canva, you can easily boost your business presence and make your social media another revenue stream by posting content that provides your ideal consumer with the information they are looking for. The 5 Power Prompts and the content generator make it easy by telling you what type of content to create. Using those two tools will alleviate the stress of figuring out “what IS good content?”

Make it a habit of showing up consistently, always having content ideas, creating content that can get your sales, and creating content with a purpose. You will be able to show up on social media with confidence and content that is guaranteed to make you a profit.

Now you have the tips and tools needed to create meaningful content. Separate yourself from other businesses and create irresistible content. Share and pin this post with others that will find it helpful! Ruth Sherrill Marketing Services is a marketing agency that specializes in helping business owners create profit and nurture an audience through shareable and informative content. Keep up with us on our socials by following us on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok!

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