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What Are Content Pillars? And How To Create Them for Your Social Media Strategy

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Do you want to post about your business online but don’t know where to start or what to post? Do you get confused or overwhelmed when it is time to create because you have no direction? You’re not alone. Content pillars can be a huge stress reliever when uncertain or confused.

Content pillars are a great way to understand what aligns with your business and social media strategy. Business owners and creators use these to stay organized and clearly understand their content.

Black woman working on content pillars

Content pillars are a set of themes or topics. The pillars range from 3-5 topics that align with your brand’s purpose and mission statement.

These pillars create the same type of content in a variety of ways. We do this to create brand consistency, so our followers know what kind of content to look for when on our page.

How to use content pillars

Now that you know what a content pillar is, it’s time for you to create and use them.

  1. Audit your social media: You need to analyze your current content to figure out what posts have been the most effective. You can do this by asking questions in stories and DMs. Some questions to ask are: What did you enjoy creating? What was popular with your followers? What content are they looking for?

  2. Compile a list: Based on your research, compile a list of topics you want your business to be known for. You can add industry trends in this section as well.

  3. Finalize your content: Edit your previous list down to a set of 3-5 topics.

Your content pillars should hit the 5 power prompts; educational, entertaining, engaging, empowering (to your audience), and elevating (your business). Make sure your content pillars fit under one of these power prompts. A great way to target these prompts is to use a content calendar to keep your content consistent and organized.

Now you know what content pillars are and how you can create them for your social media strategy. Separate yourself from other businesses and create irresistible content. Share and pin this post with others that will find it helpful! Ruth Sherrill Marketing Services is a marketing agency that specializes in helping business owners create profit and nurture an audience through shareable and informative content. Keep up with us on our socials by following us on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok!

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