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How to Create Valuable Content Every Month

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Do you want to increase your presence on social media, but you don’t know what to post? Or do you want to post but don’t know how to stay consistent? If you answered yes, to any of those questions, this blog is for you! Learn how to create valuable content every month to keep your audience engaged, establish your authority as an expert online and turn your followers into customers.

Black woman creating irresistible content.

As a small business owner or creator, a content generator IS your best friend. A content calendar is a written schedule of when and where you plan to publish upcoming content. A content generator is a content calendar… with content ideas included!

To create content that generates leads, converts to actual sales, and drives engagement, you need to provide your followers with the VALUE they are looking for. That is why you need a content generator.

Provide your audience with value by making them laugh, inspiring them to act, educating them about the industry, sharing a useful resource, making them feel less alone, or even just making them smile!

Benefits of Content Generator:

  1. Will keep your thoughts and content ideas organized.

  2. Holds space for you to brainstorm.

  3. Gives you valuable and convertible content ideas for social media and more!

To create content that generates leads, converts to actual sales, and drives engagement, you need to provide your followers with the VALUE they are looking for. That is why you need a content generator.

Now that you know what a content generator is, your next question will be where to find one. Look no further since we provide an easy-to-use content generator at Ruth Sherrill Marketing Services.

This Content Generator includes sections for:

  1. The 5 Power Prompts (explained later)

  2. Image/graphic

  3. Caption

  4. Date

  5. Links

  6. Social Network

  7. Content Type

  8. Notes

This document will give you 10-15 ideas for each prompt. (OVER 50 CONTENT IDEAS.)

Whether you are a business owner, marketer, or social media manager, this template will help you define your goal, specify the content type, have an organized schedule for your business, and show you how to create valuable content for every single month.

5 Power Prompts

Valuable posts fit under 5 Power Prompts: educational, entertaining, engaging, empowering, and elevating. Under these categories, there are subcategories and prompts to help you provide your followers and target consumers with value. Read on below to get a general idea of the different pieces of content the generator offers.

1. Educate

The first power prompt to follow is to educate. When creating valuable content, using educational material is a great way to start. Your audiences will always have a pain point. Your job is to use educational content to show your audience that you can alleviate their pain points.

Let’s say you own a small local bakery. Some of your target audience is looking to find gluten-free or dairy-free options. A way to alleviate that pain point and make valuable content is to create posts on the benefits of gluten-free or dairy-free bread. You can choose to make a video, reel, or carousel, or maybe you go on live. Some ideas on eduational content to make are:

  1. Share Knowledge

  2. Answer FAQs

  3. Give How-To’s

  4. Share Tips + Trick

2. Empower

The next power prompt that can help create beneficial content is to empower your audience. Most people love an inspiring and motivational story, so use your personal or business origin story to connect with your customers and consumers. It’s important to share your business origin story because it’s more than just introducing yourself; sharing your origin story is an exercise in being vulnerable, which is an opportunity to establish a connection through the creation of trust, which is what every business strives for right?

You want your audience to be able to connect to you so that they trust you enough to help fix their problems. Some ways to create empowering content are to:

  1. Motivate

  2. Inspire

  3. Share your story

  4. Move others into action

3. Entertain

Have you ever come across a video or Tik Tok that was flat-hilarious? Notice how much attention that post got; it’s probably a lot, right? That’s because great content creators know that a good post has to be entertaining. To create valuable content, your work has to make people stop and want to view it. Separate yourself from all the other content, and make your content worth viewing.

  1. Use a trending transition

  2. Talk about pop culture

  3. Wrap in current events

  4. Tell jokes related to your industry

  5. Make people laugh and smile

Viewers like to be entertained, so don’t be afraid to share that fun video, even if it doesn’t have much to do with your business. Your job is to capture your potential target audience’s attention then from there, you can WOW them with your expertise and knowledge.

Black woman entertaining audience with engaging content.

4. Engage

Engaging content is crucial when it comes to determining if your content is valuable or not. It doesn’t matter how good you feel your content is; it will not be as successful if it’s not engaging. You must let your target audience know you are here and willing to connect. Let your audience know you are listening to them and want to learn more.

Engaging is more than just liking or saying “Thank you” under a comment. There are a variety of ways you can engage with your audience:

  1. Ask questions

  2. Send people to a link

  3. “Respond in emojis”

  4. “Comment if you agree”

  5. Add Call to Action

5. Elevate

The final power prompt is to elevate your audience. Elevate is about elevating your brand. As a business owner, you should talk about your product and the benefit of working at your company with testimonials. Elevating through storytelling and only promotional aspects is important.

Elevating your audience can be mixed up with empowering them, but the two are different. When you elevate your audience, you are showing them your specific progress. We get inspired by other people’s success. When your audience sees you doing well, they will likely support you and use your products or services. Some ways you can create elevating content include:

  1. Share a win

  2. Share a testimonial

  3. Offer your products

  4. Discuss the benefits

You can easily boost your business presence and make your social media another revenue stream by posting content that provides your ideal consumer with the information they are looking for. The 5 power prompts and the content generator makes it easy by telling you what type of content to create. Using those two tools will relieve the stress of figuring out “what IS good content”?

Make it a habit of showing up consistently, always having content ideas, creating content that can get your sales, and creating content with a purpose. You will be able to show up on social media with confidence and content that is guaranteed to make you a profit. If you are that bakery owner mentioned above and your customers need dairy-free and gluten-free options, do your best to come up with content that will not only answer their questions but will also push them to buy more of your products.

Now you have the tips and tools needed to create meaningful content. Separate yourself from other businesses and create irresistible content. Share and pin this post with others that will find it helpful! Ruth Sherrill Marketing Services is a marketing agency that specializes in helping business owners create profit and nurture an audience through shareable and informative content. Keep up with us on our socials by following us on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok!

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