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3 Ways to Support and Empower Black Female Entrepreneurs

Black Female Entrepreneurs

This month is all about the girlies, especially the BIPOC queens. Let’s get into it…the entrepreneurial world is tough, but for Black women in the entrepreneurial world, it is tougher. The barriers and discrimination we face every day are numerous and exhausting., Racism, sexism, unequal rights, little access to funds, resources, and opportunities, and lack of acknowledgement and recognition, etc.

While many black women are taking action to make their dreams come true and become self-driven entrepreneurs, the road is filled with many barriers. They tend to receive less support and encouragement. 

When a Black female entrepreneur succeeds, people often attribute their success and accomplishment to having grit, stamina, and the ability to overcome. Well, guess what, I’m tired! Comments like these show that people know the road for BIPOC woman entrepreneurs is an uphill journey. To combat this, supporting and empowering Black female entrepreneurs is important. As a community, we can commit to supporting other folks. As a way to combat accessibility to information and capital RSMS provides a sliding scale of resources from free to digital and one on one training. We make information and capacity more accessible and help business owners build a strong brand identity no matter the service they provide. Now, let’s talk about how you can contribute and do the same as well. 

This article highlights and explains the five best ways to support and empower Black female entrepreneurs.


3 Ways to Support and Empower Black Female Entrepreneurs

Here are the three best and most effective ways you can support and empower black female entrepreneurs, regardless of their niche or field.

Black Female Entrepreneurs

1. Seek out Black Female-owned Businesses Online and In person

An effective way to support and empower Black female entrepreneurs is to actively seek them out and contribute to their businesses both in-person and online. 

If you’re looking for a new financial advisor, search “woman-owned” or “black woman-owned financial advisor”. If you’re looking for a new marketing agency that is black woman owned and operated you can just go to our contact page and sign up for a discovery call (😉)  There are so many folks offering the same products and services, so if you don’t already have a defined loyalty to a certain business or organization get curious about the local black women owned businesses in your area. I have personally found that going out of my way to find other local businesses is extremely beneficial. I don’t feel like just a number, and when you tell them you’re a business owner, people usually inquire more about your offerings to support or trade services. 

2. Support of Social Media

If you didn’t plan on spending any coins that’s okay, it could be as simple as liking and sharing information about a Black female-owned business.  This is free. It  brings more exposure to them and their business. One popular saying is, “Even if you can’t buy from her, double tapping the like button or making a comment costs nothing.” Start a conversation under their content. Repost their work or services when they have posted about a milestone or sale. Send people their way when you notice a friend, family or colleague looking for a service in the wheelhouse. Support on social media is not always an overnight gamechanger, but sometimes it is! A quick comment or like takes only a few seconds. Participate in folks' platforms. I promise it never goes unnoticed. I have a friend who comments under every single photo or video. They don’t own a business and are not in a rush to need my marketing services personally. It's just a comment or fire emoji but I notice it every single time and it fuels me. 

3. Spread the word through referrals. 

Another option is using your platform to share about their business, either online or in person. Word-of-mouth referrals hold so much weight in this time of over-saturation.  This can correlate directly to their success. As a business owner also consider a referral program to add more incentive. If you can’t buy something yourself, introduce them to people who can. This effort boosts their revenue and increases their visibility, encouraging other potential customers to follow suit. This is also the basis of a great book, The Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann. The book follows the story of an ambitious man, and over the course of time, he learns valuable rules. Always stay open to receiving and giving more value than payment. By supporting other businesses, you in term can become a more trustworthy person, and therefore you will find success as well. 

By referring and elevating the business of Black female entrepreneurs, you are shining a supportive and empowering light on their hard work, opening doors of opportunities, enforcing their credibility, and setting them apart from the competition.


There are many ways you can support and empower Black female entrepreneurs, some of which have been listed above, including investing in their businesses, purchasing from them, getting more involved, promoting their work, and providing mentorship and training.

Remember this: What goes around comes around. Your support and empowerment of Black female entrepreneurs will surely benefit you directly or indirectly.

Ruth Sherrill Marketing Services is one of the leading marketing agencies for black woman entrepreneurs in the service sector. Whether you are an entrepreneur, coach, creative, or thought leader, we curate conversions through conversation and help Black female entrepreneurs become prominent brands in their service-based industry. With attention to detail and personalized content-to-profit courses, all our clients can be assured of getting the best. 

To take your business to the next level, get in touch with us. You can also follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok.

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