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How to Make a Living with Digital Marketing

Looking for a new career in the new year that allows you to make your own schedule, work from anywhere, and make money using social media? Then you should consider becoming a digital marketer. Digital marketing is a frugal career where the amount of money you can make is endless!

Reasons Why You Should Become a Digital Marketer:

Becoming a digital marketer is relatively easy and a great way to make income. Think about how much time you spend scrolling through TikTok. Instead of just scrolling for free, use that creativity to make money. A digital marketing career is extremely flexible and has a plethora of benefits.


To become a digital marketer, you only need a computer and wifi. Seriously, that's it. This is a great career for people who want to create their own hours. Whether you have children, are in school, or want a change of pace, you can curate hours based on your needs. This is also a great career for digital nomads and travelers!

I am a professional basketball player who travels for 8-9 months out of the country annually. No matter the timezone or distance, I can meet with clients for strategy meetings, discuss account goals and tactics with my employees, and gain new clientele through content creation on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, and brand outreach. If your resolution is to travel more, but you don't know how you can work and travel simultaneously, look into being a digital marketer!

No Degree is Required

Long gone are the days when you need a two-year degree or certification to start a new career. No degree is required for a digital marketer, and if you use social media, you probably already have great skills that can make you a great digital marketer.

Just because no degree is required doesn't mean you should start a new careet without knowing what type of digital marketing you want to get into. With all the free and paid education tools out there, there is never a reason to stop learning. Education is available online through free and paid courses, certifications, and YouTube videos. Resources like Google Marketing Course, Coursera, Code Academy, and RSMS Coaching are all great places to start.

Curate Your Services

There are so many avenues to take when it comes to digital marketing. Not only is there social media, but you can also work with email marketing, blog creation, newsletters, web-based advertising, and any form of marketing as it relates to digital platforms. You can curate your services as a digital marketer based on what you enjoy creating.

Do you find that you LOVE making TikToks and Instagram reels? Then you should let your niche be social media videos. You can also choose which platforms to work within. The industry is versatile, and so are the different services you can create. Remember, the perfect formula for curating your services is: What you are good at, what you like to do, and where your clients have a need for.

RSMS Coaching Services

After reading about the benefits, I'm sure you are interested in how to get started. At Ruth Sherrill Marketing Services, we offer coaching services to get you started on your digital marketing career. Our Marketing 101 is a two-month coaching program for aspiring digital marketers or social media managers who want to start an online business or have been in business for some time but aren't where they know they could be.

Work with me one-on-one for two months on the areas of your business where you desire growth. These two months will have four 1-hour sessions, homework, and resources to reach your desired goal. At RSMS, we help businesses optimize their brand and help them reach their desired audience. Reaching your target audience is important because it's how you scale your business for optimal growth.

Our coaching also offers:

  • Mindset Shift: You will learn how to get out of your own way effectively, challenge your comfort zone, and walk the path that you are meant for.

  • Help Pick Your Passion: From content copywriting to graphic design, branding, and content creation…the list goes on and on. I will show you how to pick your passion and your expertise.

  • Offer Development: We will create an IRRESISTIBLE offer that is uniquely targeted to your dream client that will move them into action. This messaging can be used for many online purposes, including website copy, bio statement, call to action, sales funnel copy, and more.

  • Marketing & Content: With this service's social media and email marketing templates, you can position yourself as a polished professional in your industry and get your message out to your dream audience.

  • Elevator Pitch: Learn to reach your target audience and hit them with the facts. Tell them what they really, really, really, want to hear. Emphasize their pain points, elevate their stress by positioning your offer, and add bonus benefits to seal the deal.

  • Systems & Tech: We will teach you how to automate your business so you can work smarter, not harder. Learn and use the systems and tools of the digital marketing and social media space that will help you stay consistent and accountable.

  • A Forever Community: Community is so important when starting a new business. It's a great way to hold yourself accountable and a place to ask questions to folks who know and understand what you are currently doing and going through. You will be able to join the Facebook community group, share wins, connect and collaborate with other folks in the industry.

What are you waiting for? Start that career as a digital marketer! Share and pin this post with others that will find it helpful! Ruth Sherrill Marketing Services is a marketing agency that specializes in helping business owners create profit and nurture an audience through shareable and informative content. Keep up with us on our socials by following us on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok!

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