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The Traveling Entrepreneur Must Haves

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

A blog about the essentials every freelancer or traveling entrepreneur can use. Read this if you are looking for the “must have” devices needed to work on-the-go successfully.

For the last five years I have been a traveling entrepreneur. I have successfully been running my own digital marketing agency while traveling to over seven different countries living there for extended periods of time. During this time I have offered an array of services like website design, content creation, social media management, strategy launches, and business planning. As I have shifted and changed my business the need for tools and systems have come and gone, but a few tools I consider my absolute ride or dies and I would like to share them with you.

Essentials for an Entrepreneur that Travels

Portable Charger 36800mAh, Power Bank with Tri-Outport & Dual Inport (2.1A USB-C Input and Micro USB Input) External Battery Pack Compatible with iPhone 12/12Pro/11,Galaxy S20 Tablet etc[2021 Version] a traveling entrepreneur necessity!

1. Power Bank

When I travel confidence is key. I need to be sure that I can get worked done, whether that is at home, at a co-working space or my local coffee shop. One way I can ensure this is with a portable charger. Not just a pocket-friendly portable charger. This is a portable charger XL, a power bank if you will. The Power Bank with Tri-Outport & Dual Inport is slightly larger than my iPhone. It lasts me multiple full battery charging cycles without me having to worry about it running out of juice. It has three different USB ports and a USB-C port as well. I love the duality of this power bank because I can charge my ring light, phone, and computer if need be.

Benefits of the Power Bank

1. Can charge for iPhone 12 /11 above 6 times, Samsung Galaxy S20 above 5 times. Keep Your phone running all day without extra worry about low phone battery. This makes it ideal to take it for playing games, trips and all-day excursions.

2. Equipped with Intelligent Controlling IC. This can effectively prevent your power bank overcharge, over voltage, overcurrent and short circuiting.

3. Comes with 36 month warranty policy and lifetime technical support.

TalkWorks Flexible Phone Tripod for iPhone, Android, Camera - Adjustable Stand Holder with Mini Wireless Remote for Selfies, Vlogging, Beauty/Makeup, Live Streaming/Recording, Adventure, Black. a traveling entrepreneur necessity!

2. Flexible Phone Tripod

Another key to success as a traveling entrepreneur is versatility. At times I am on my phone, other times I am on computer, more often than not I will need to use both! That is why I adore my Flexible Phone Tripod. This bad boy can is ideal for taking selfies, vlogging, beauty/makeup tutorials, and social live streaming and recording. My favorite part is the adjustable legs. I can make each leg bend to my desired height and angle, and will hold steady to capture the shot in just about any environment. The best part? Wireless Bluetooth and remote are included. As a traveling entrepreneur we should be getting most out of the sites we are seeing! This tripod is great for trips, sporting events, and other outdoor activities you want to capture.

Benefits of Flexible Phone Tripod

1. Phone tripod mount features flexible legs that hold firm, and an adjustable universal phone holder.

2. Legs are adjustable and removable. They can bend to your desired height and angle.

3. Cell phone tripod mount includes wireless Bluetooth enabled remote so you can take more accurately timed photos, selfies and videos.

ASUS ZenScreen 14" 1080P Portable Monitor (MB14AC) - Full HD, IPS, Built-in Battery, Eye Care, Foldable Smart Case, USB-C Power Delivery, Ultra-slim, Micro HDMI, For Laptop, PC, Phone, Console , BLACK a traveling entrepreneur necessity!

3. Portable Monitor

As a creator multitasking is my thing! While I am creating content calendars I am reviewing marketing goals, solidifying hashtag strategies and making sure the content is aligning with my client’s aesthetic. Just the thought of having to do all of these tasks on one screen makes my head spin. I have nightmares about having that many tabs open on one screen. Nightmares! That is why the Portable Monitor is a traveling entrepreneur hack. This second screen will make working seamless and traveling easy. This screen is ultra-thin and can fit in your computer bag. There is only one cord necessary for connecting to your computer and for power so there is almost no strings attached. Not to mention it’s portable case is also the tripod display holder! Can it get much better?!

Benefits of a Portable Monitor:

  1. Features a hybrid-signal solution that supports power and video transmission, and enables compatibility with any laptop with a USB Type-C or Type A port.

  2. With an ultra-slim design you get things done more efficiently when you’re on the go. Foldable smart case can be turned into a stand to prop the monitor up in either portrait or landscape mode.

  3. Eye Care technology features Flicker-free and Low Blue Light technologies to ensure a comfortable viewing experience.

LIERONT 13 inch Desktop Selfie Ring Light with Cellphone Holder Stand for Live Stream & Makeup, 164 LED Bulbs 3 Light Modes 10-Level Brightness 360° Rotating for iPhone Android Cell Phone a traveling entrepreneur necessity!

4. Desktop Ring Light

Last, but not certainly not least: The Desktop Ring Light. I also have a full length ring light stand, but I would say a desktop ring light is more compatible with the traveling entrepreneur lifestyle. I personally use my ring light for creating content and client meetings. Usually while I am traveling the time zone difference has an impact on the amount of natural light I have access to, so a desktop ring light can help you make those adjustments with artificial lighting.

Benefits of a Desktop Ring Light:

1. The 2-in-1 design combines phone holder and selfie ring light together.

2. Is equipped with bluetooth remote control, allowing for more control and positioning of ring light for videos, selfies and more.

3. Can emit three different light tones, making it a great tool to capture the moment in any environment.


At Ruth Sherrill Marketing Services we want to make sure that you are able to take care of your business. Whether that is with our assistance or if you’d like to go the DIY route, we will make sure all business owners, entrepreneurs, and social media managers have the right tools to get the job done. If this blog was helpful please leave a comment below! If you have any questions you can comment those as well. We hope this blog was helpful! (Pssst. If it was you could also pin it 👀)

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