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Elevate Your Brand with RSMS Consultation Services

Marketing consulting services

In the dynamic business world, marketing consulting services help businesses navigate the challenging, ever-evolving world of marketing. There are so many strategies to follow and implement that it can get overwhelming. Sometimes, the best solution is consulting an expert with in-depth knowledge of market trends, consumer behavior, and industry best practices to help you, and that is where we at RSMS come in. 

Ruth Sherrill Marketing Services (RSMS) is an agency that empowers businesses through personalized marketing strategies that celebrate diversity and embrace inclusivity. Our story is not just about marketing; it’s about understanding our clients' unique challenges and helping them navigate the complex landscape of today’s business world.

RSMS stands out not only for its expertise but also for its commitment to fostering a vibrant company culture that drives exceptional results. Recognizing the stark reality that only 9.5% of small businesses in America are black-owned, and fewer than 2% are both queer and black-owned. Our approach is deeply personal and rooted in authenticity, ensuring that every client’s voice is heard, every story is told, and every brand shines.

We offer a range of tailored consultation services designed to meet diverse business needs, from in-depth marketing strategies to quick, impactful advice sessions. Here’s a breakdown of each service to help you decide which one aligns best with your business goals.

Our Marketing Consultation Services

The consultation services offered at RSMS are one of a kind. Each service is a full-service, end-to-end solution, able to improve any of your marketing and business efforts, no matter the area.

Our consultation services include

1. Marketing Coaching

Our marketing coaching program is an intensive course designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs master the art of marketing. We have successfully assisted numerous clients in elevating their businesses over the years. Here are some testimonials from our satisfied clients:

Marketing consulting services  Expert

“Overall, reaching out to RSMS was the best decision I could have made for my business. Ruth and her team exceeded my expectations from day one and continue to do so. I felt heard and seen as a business owner and that we were truly a team.” Meckell Milburn, Revolutionary Healing LLC 

“Loved the communication and everything about the process. I especially love how she understood my vision without me having to over explain or make crazy changes. Ruth is great at what she does and I will be back!” Che’Naomi Durant | OG Identity 

“Working with Ruth has been nothing but great communication, and great service. She made sure I understood everything and provided the help I needed” Randell Jallah | Twinkle Little Lights LLC

I have nothing but great things to say. You were extremely professional, quick, and you even scheduled a call to walk me through everything and explained and properly branded my business with ease. It's almost as if you were pulling the thoughts out of my head. I look forward to working with you again for my marketing needs!! Jasmine Smith  | Jasmine Smith Photography

Our clients' success stories highlight the transformative impact of our marketing coaching program. Whether you are looking to refine your marketing strategy or need guidance in branding and communication, our program is designed to provide the support and expertise you need. This service provides a comprehensive approach, covering everything from foundational strategies such as content creation, brand positioning, and SEO to advanced marketing techniques.

Using analytics from your business, you understand how to analyze marketing trends and develop campaigns that can boost your audience reach.

Ideal For

This coaching service is perfect for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to upscale or redefine their marketing strategy. Startups looking to fine-tune the foundation of their marketing strategy or build a solid marketing foundation can take advantage of this program.


You get access to expert guidance on the best and on-trend marketing practices tailored to your business, as well as how to implement them. 

2. Social Media Coaching

Our social media coaching program focuses on training and helping you increase your social media presence. It is one thing to have a social media account and another to have a great or good social media presence. The world is going digital, so you have to be at the forefront to be noticed. 

This service provides you with personalized guidance on how to optimize your social media bio/profiles, maximize your social media presence, build and maintain robust community engagement, create compelling and attention-grabbing content, master social selling, and more.

Ideal For:

This coaching service is perfect for businesses looking to improve their social media presence and marketing efforts and stay updated on the latest social media trends and tools. It is also perfect for influencers who want a different approach to boost their engagement and follower count. 

Business meeting

3. Power Hour Sessions

Also known as our 1 on 1 intensive strategy session, the Power Hour session is a one-hour video high-impact and focused consultation session designed specifically to take your business to the next level. In one hour, we get down to the root of the problem you are facing in your business and put an effective, proof-worthy, and actionable plan in place to address them. 

You might doubt that one hour is insufficient to address the main problem areas and gaps, but it is more than enough in the Power Hour Session. 

You get to talk to our experts from various fields on issues you are currently facing, and you don't leave without getting a customized and sure-to-deliver solution. 

If you want to fine-tune your marketing strategy, turn your idea into actions, gain clarity on where you are stuck, a social media audit, business elevator pitch, or bio optimization, our Power Hour Consultation session is what you need. 

Ideal For:

The Power Hour Session is perfect for business owners facing immediate challenges in their business marketing or social media strategies or who need insight and clarity right now on a particular issue. This is also the best option if you're not ready to commit to a higher investment plan like private coaching or long-term consultation.


In the Power Hour Session, you get advice from experts in your field delivered in a concise time frame. The session is highly focused, so you get more done in one hour. During the consultation, we will study where your future clients are falling off and how to convert them into buyers.

4. Strategy Launch Day

Our strategy launch day is an immersive and intensive 3-hour consultation session where we work closely with you to develop a comprehensive, effective, and efficient business strategy for product and service-based business owners. 

This can include marketing plans, social media and email marketing strategies and overall business growth tactics. It’s an all-in-one service for those who need a robust plan to kickstart their initiatives.

You get answers to questions on how to determine a successful launch, how to plan and implement the launch, and how to track your launch through KPIs. 

During the session, you create an irresistible offer (copywriting) that will pull your dream client or customer in. Also, you get to use the power of storytelling to boost your launch strategy and use customer journeys to lead them to the cart page of your website.

We will also create an effective sales timeline that will help make your tasks before and on the launch day smooth and amazing.

Ideal For

This session is ideal for new business owners who need a solid strategy to launch their product or service, existing businesses who are looking to revamp their current launch day strategy, and teams wanting to align on a cohesive plan for future growth.


You get a 3-hour 1:1 private coaching session, monthly email support, an email marketing template, social media templates curated to your brand, a launch calendar, and a strategy launch day questionnaire + workbook.


5. Marketing 101

This consultation session is all about the basics. You get 2 months of coaching on how to start and market your online business. This session puts you through all the technical know-how, loopholes to avoid, and what to expect in certain situations and areas. 

This consultation session is basically like laying the foundation for marketing and reaching your desired goals. You will learn how to challenge your comfort zone, get out of your own way, and walk the path you are meant for. 

You learn how to reach out to your audience (one of the most important factors in marketing) with an Elevator pitch and how to build a community that will be loyal and true to you and your brand/business.

Ideal For

This session is perfect for digital marketers, social media managers, anyone wanting to start an online business, or those who have been in business for some time but aren't where they know they should be.


You understand how to create a compelling offer and craft your message to captivate your audience. You also have knowledge of the digital marketing and social media industry, email support for a month, and forever access to a Facebook group of digital marketing and social media professionals for community, motivation, and a place to ask questions and share win

6. Marketing Accelerator

This is a 2-month coaching program we offer at RSMS to kick your marketing strategy into overdrive. This program will help you boost your marketing plans, stand out from the crowd, and identify relevant clients for your business. At the end of this program, you will be able to implement effective marketing strategies to significantly increase customer acquisition, conversion rates, and revenue with confidence.

Ideal For

This program is perfect if you want to give your marketing strategy an accelerated boost and show up online in a new and confident light.


You learn the secrets, tactics, and strategies guaranteed to catapult your business forward like never before. You will also learn how to stop selling everything and learn how to sell “That One Thing," which will become your top-selling bread and butter.


Choosing the right consultation service can significantly impact your business's success. At RSMS, we offer a variety of consultation services tailored to meet different needs. Whether you're looking for in-depth marketing strategies, social media insights, or a powerful brainstorming session, we've got you covered. 

Ruth Sherrill Marketing Services is one of the leading marketing services today. We aim to help service-based and product-based businesses take their place as one of the leading businesses in their niche. With attention to detail and personalized content-to-profit courses, all our clients can be assured of getting the best. 

To take your business to the next level, get in touch with us. You can also follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok.

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